exSqueezeit is the perfect bathroom accessory it saves space, reduces waste and can be attached to mirrors & showerdoors!
Your Perfect toothpaste tube companion

How exSqueezeit works!

Exsqueezeit is so simple to use, Checkout theise 4 steps to get you going!

Step 1

Remove cap from side of exsqueezeit.

Step 2

Slide base of toothpaste tube into the groove of center console.

Step 3

Replace the cap ensuring it is firmly closed.

Step 4

Rotate the knob to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube.

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exSqueezeit is a toothpaste squeezer that fits on the end of your toothpaste tube to easily and efficiently get toothpast out of the tube.

  • Reduces Waste
  • Squeezes until the last drop
  • Space saving & efficient

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What our Customers Say

I love the suction cup - it lets me conveniently hang my toothpaste on the bathroom mirror or shower wall. The squeezer itself fits nicely into toiletry bags and keeps your toothpaste tube a lot tidier! It does well to keep the toothpaste right by the nozzle and always ready to go.

- Dale Swanepoel

I stuck my Exqueezeit on the mirror above the basin. My tooth paste is now convientiently always arms length away and the tube delivers a solid stream of paste until its completely empty.

- Ryan Lee

No more waste! The exsqueezeit is the best way to get every last drop out of your toothpaste tube! The suction cup and hook design allow for easy access space saving storage!

- Tylon


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